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A small tractor that never ceases to amaze

Tractor Prince - Huerlimann Tractors

Innate sturdiness, compact dimensions and unparalleled comfort: a host of peerless characteristics to offer previously unimaginable levels of performance in a small tractor. Hürlimann PRINCE is a versatile range of multi-role tractors conceived for working in the open field and for small farms, hobby farmers and specialised crop farming. Hürlimann PRINCE is also a dependable and nimble solution for working more quickly in greenhouses, nurseries and park maintenance applications. The low platform version of the PRINCE is also perfectly suited to working in fruit orchards and vineyards with low plants.

The vital statistics of the 4 cylinder, direct injection liquid cooled Mitsubishi Euro III engine powering the PRINCE continue to impress, with an outstanding torque curve giving the powerplant the flexibility needed to cope with sudden changes in load. Excellent fuel economy combined with a generous 38 litre diesel tank located between the engine and dashboard ensure impressive range, which can be extended even further with an additional 15 litre tank. Placing the tank behind the engine improves the efficiency of the cooling system and isolates the driver even more effectively from the engine compartment.

An excellent transmission and a synchronised power shuttle as standard across the entire range make driving and manoeuvres even more effortless than ever. Simplicity of use is one of the greatest strengths of the Hürlimann PRINCE. With 12 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds, all of which synchronised, the transmission of the PRINCE delivers silky smooth shifts up to a top speed of 30 Km/h. A maximum steering angle of 57° and a turning radius of just 2600 mm make manoeuvres simple and quick even in restricted spaces, when performing headland turns at the end of an orchard or vineyard row and when mowing.  Both of the two differentials feature electrohydraulic differential locks. Wet disc brakes ensure safe stopping power.

The key to the success of the PRINCE family is its hydraulic system: with a circuit with a 30l/min. pump for the 1200 Kg capacity rear lift and auxiliary distributors, and a separate circuit for the hydraulic power steering, with a dedicated 15 l/min. pump for effortless steering even at low engine speeds. The controls of the lift and hydraulic distributors are extremely ergonomic, and are situated on the console on the right hand side of the driver. The Hürlimann PRINCE is also offered with a 400 Kg capacity front lift with folding coupling bars and an independent 1000 rpm PTO with electrohydraulic clutch, for unrivalled versatility with different implements and optimised operating costs. This is why PRINCE tractors are offered with a choice of different PTO configurations: rear PTO with standard 540 rpm, 540 ECO or 1000 rpm speeds, synchronised PTO and belly PTO.

No solution was too ambitious to give the PRINCE family a driver zone with a whole new approach to comfort. The spacious platform is suspended on Silent-Blocks to minimise vibration and noise, for excellent levels of driver comfort. No noise, no vibration and plenty of space: the details that make the difference. The broader platform has made it possible to fit a seat with a 450 mm wide cushion. The result is a comfortable and ergonomic driver seat, with all the controls laid out intuitively, rationally and within easy reach. But for even greater comfort, the roomy and quiet cab with superb visibility offered for the PRINCE is just the start of a long list of creature comforts, which also includes: an openable roof hatch; front and rear opening side windows, and air conditioning. Because more comfort means more productivity.


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