• Engines and engine spare parts: high design standards

    All the original spare parts for the Deutz, SDF 1000 Series or FARMotion engines are in perfect synergy with the design standards and offer the best in terms of quality and duration.

  • Starters: high quality power

    To ensure maximum operation with high performance and reliability, the original starters are custom designed for Hürlimann tractor engines.

  • Clutches: designed to last


    Resistant to wear, breakage and compression: these are the quality parameters used to build all Hürlimann original clutches so they last over time.

  • Belts: low wear and high reliability

    The quality of Hürlimann original belts is the result of a combination of materials with high quality standards and high technology used to build them

  • Air filters and engine oil: the defence of the engine

    Original Hürlimann air filters are designed to provide a perfect and constant flow of clean air, with maximum efficiency at trapping impurities.

  • Cab air filters: fresh, high quality air

    Particulate, plant protection products, dust and pollen: Hürlimann original filters filter the air coming into the cab and significantly improve it.

  • Windows: more comfort, more safety

    Cracks and infiltrations are always lying in wait: original Hürlimann windows are created to guarantee high performance.

  • Headlamps: maximum night-time production

    Perfectly integrated in the tractor's design, the headlamp units reflect the exclusive character of Hürlimann tractor lines.