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A lightweight machine with impressive performance

Tractor XM.K - Huerlimann Tractors

The introduction of the XM.K family makes the XM range even more complete than ever. XM.K tractors offer extraordinary value for money and offer superlative engine power and torque combined with excellent fuel economy, making them the ideal choice for general farmyard tasks and field work. A perfect balance between user-friendly electronic and mechanical systems makes XM.K extraordinarily simple to use. A Hi-lo gearbox with 3 powershift ratios and a cab created with long working days in mind make these tractors a pleasure to work with. Simply select the right configuration for your needs: with LS (90-100-110) or GS (100-110-120) versions, and personalisable equipment, features and specifications offering extraordinary freedom of choice.

The 4 cylinder turbocharged Deutz engine with common rail injection and electronic governor delivers impressive performance from a displacement of just 3620 cc, with maximum torque already available at 1600 rpm. This is an extraordinary flexible engine, with a torque reserve of 32% for coping with sudden increases in load without missing a beat. XM.K tractors are also fuel efficient and clean, with emissions controlled by an liquid cooled external EGR exhaust gas recirculation system combined with a DOC catalytic converter. Sophisticated technology is used to keep the engine of a XM.K tractor working at peak efficiency at all times, with an electronic governor system ensuring immediate engine response and improved PTO speed management.

Soil preparation and tillage operations are crucial for the success of a crop and for maximised yield. Rapid manoeuvrability, quick direction inversions and minimised soil compaction are key factors for efficient time management and ensuring the highest possible product quality. The transmissions equipping XM.K embody the most effective solutions available today to make your job quicker. The LS version comes with an efficient Hi-Lo transmission (20 FWD + 20 REV or 40 FWD + 40 REV), with a mechanical power shuttle under the steering wheel. The GS version is also available with this 20 FWD + 20 REV or 40 FWD + 40 REV Hi-Lo transmission, or alternatively, with an advanced three-stage 30 FWD + 30 REV or 60 FWD + 60 REV powershift transmission. Both of these transmissions are equipped with the Sense Clutch hydraulic reverse shuttle. Offering progressive speed control and a top speed of 40 (or 40 Km/h ECO with the engine at economy speed), these transmissions keep the tractor working with the ideal ratio for any application: from minimal tillage and no-till seeding to hay-making and transporting materials.

You'll be impressed with the 55 l/min hydraulic system equipping XM.K tractors right from the first time you use it. A system capable of responding instantaneously to the needs of even the most power-hungry hydraulic implements. The innovative “60 ECO” system is offered as an option, with dual pumps and a flow rate of 60 l/min at just 1600 rpm. An electronically controlled rear lift uses an array of sensors to ensure continuous, precise automatic implement control. Depending on the model, the rear lift offers a maximum load capacity of up to 4855 or 5410 Kg. XM.K tractors are available with a generous choice of 4-6 way rear distributors or 8 way rear distributors, 2 of which with electrohydraulic proportional control.

The XM.K is as rational on-board as it is good to look at. The driver is surrounded by a rational and ergonomic control console, with all the controls and information necessary to operate all the functions of the tractor effectively. The controls themselves are colour-coded and organised by function and frequency of use. The comfortable driver zone offers plenty of space for the operator to move in complete freedom, while the high visibility roof makes XM.K tractors ideal for working with a front loader. The all-new automotive standard AC system is compact and powerful. The air conditioner radiator is incorporated in the radiator pack in the undercowl area, while the condenser is housed in the rear of the roof. Effective ventilation in the cab is ensured by 8 adjustable air vents and 2 defrost vents.


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